Weary little Weekend Warrior

posted on: Sunday, January 29, 2012

I wish I had more to post today, maybe some pictures or something. But the week was crazy and I did nothing aside from sit at my desk and work, work, work. And this weekend I did nothing but work in a different way.

Years of accumulated trash and the makeshift garden that was planted last summer were mostly cleaned up from the roof areas and put in trash bags. The city sanitation isn't going to like us very much for the next few weeks as I sneak in trash bags full of trash a little at time. I also started cleaning the grime of 3 years of being a bachelor pad before I finally called it quits and knocked off for the day. The rest of the weekend has been quiet and slow.

So here's a lovely snap I took while walking up Fifth Ave towards the Flatiron building the other day. The sun finally started to come out after a morning of storms and rain. Stunning light...


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