Catchin' Up

posted on: Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poor little baby blog,  not even out of newborn stage and you're already being neglected. Tsk tsk...

Living alone for the first time in years is superb. I truly dig it. Not that I don't have a fondness for the various people with whom I've shared a home but knowing that you can make all the decisions about your home (from level of cleanliness to wall color and decor) and no one will be against it is a wonderful feeling. And luckily the hubs and I are in accord with all of those sorts of things. Whoo hoo!

Step one when fixing up a neglected abode: paint the walls! And when your walls look like this, get it done immediately!

That grey wasn't the worst color ever but I'm a big fan of the cleanness and freshness of a classic white wall. At least as a starting point white can do no wrong. We found the perfect shade of white, a nice warm tone just a creamy point above pure white. Big fan! I took a personal day from work so I could have a 3 day weekend to devote to fixin' up and painted like crazy. The kitchen will be last while I figure out exactly what I want to do with it but for now it provides a wonderful contrast. Love it!

But life hasn't been just work and painting and cleaning. There have also been fajitas at our favorite neighborhood Mexican joint, delicious home cooked meals, driving around listening to music, catching up with old friends, long overdue trips to the library, glimpses of great sunset light, gorgeous baby kitties and dreams of DIY masterpieces. More to come!

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