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posted on: Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do one of those things that you can only do living somewhere like New York City. The sort of experience that is exactly the reason I moved here in the first place.

Sometime way back in the day, it has to have been 1996 or 1997, I joined that cd mail order service. Columbia House maybe? I don't even remember anymore. I do, however, remember pouring over the issues of Spin Magazine that I had scattered about and reading reviews of records and agonizing over my choices. I can't really remember what else I got out of that but I do know one of my choices was Pulp's almum "Different Class". I received that cd and wow, I listened to it. And I listened to it a lot. I listened to it with cute boys. I listened to it when I dreamed about getting out of my small town. I listened to it my first year in college when I was miserable and wanted nothing more than to run away to England. I bought "This Is Hardcore" when it came out and didn't love it (although now, as an adult, I do love it funny enough). I did some research and bought "His 'n' Hers" and completely fell in love with it. I remember riding around with a friend listening to "She's a Lady" so loud that my speakers almost blew out and then listening to it again. I remember seeing that Aphex Twin video that Jarvis Cocker directed and loving it because Jarvis Cocker directed it. I remember surfing the internet in the computer lab my freshman year of college and finding out there was a new album coming out and tears of joy that maybe they'd come to the US and I'd be able to see them perform. And then later, I remember the tears when I found out the band had broken up and I'd never get to see them play. I don't listen to all that much of the music that I discovered as a teen but Pulp will always be the exception and will always be a favorite.

And in February, I actually looked at one of the emails I get from Bowery Presents instead of trashing it immediately like usual and saw that a friggin' miracle was going to happen. Pulp was coming to NYC. The day tickets went on sale, I was waiting. And they sold out. Immediately. I kept refreshing the screen and got the same response. Bastards. But luckily a second show was scheduled and I got tickets!

April 10th the hubs and I made our way to Radio City Music Hall and to our seats on the 3rd mezzanine. At the top. Aaaalllllll the way at the top. But hey, I was still about to see Pulp. And after a lengthy wait and a silly laser introduction, the band came on and launched immediately into "Do You Remember the First Time". I won't lie, I cried. It was fantastic. They played all of my favorites (except for "She's a Lady, which I'm still a bit sad about) and I danced and laughed and had an all-'round fantastic time. Such a fantastic time, in fact, that I went again the next night. All by my lonesome. This time I managed to get a ticket in the orchestra, 19 or 20 rows from the stage. A friend from high school who is a huge fan as well managed to sneak down from the mezzanine level to come dance with me for the encore.

It was amazing. Beyond words amazing. I'm still floating on cloud nine.

Do you remember the first time?

The man may be edging up on 50 but he's STILL GOT IT

Freak out to "Common People"

My seat the next night was clearly MUCH closer.


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