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posted on: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remember that time I updated once a month? Working on fixing that...

June has been: hot days, cold days, rainy days, sun shining bright days. Horse racing, seeing bands (Icona Pop, Against Me!, the Cult, the Rapture), going for runs, skipping runs, bbqs with more to come, long rambling walks, fixing up the house, flying kites on the roof (what?), working at weddings and who even knows what else.

Here's to good stuff to come in July (and maybe more updates, ideas are floating around to get this baby off the ground)! Hurrah!

Joan Jett on stage with Against Me! (also, Laura Jane Grace's NYC debut)

The crowd at the Belmont Stakes

Coming across the finish line

A little moment at 72

Icona Pop at Glasslands

Rooftop kite flying

The Pepsi Cola sign in Long Island City

The ferry at sunset


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