Fête son anniversaire dans Montréal

posted on: Monday, October 22, 2012

Last year for my birthday (which I share with a dear friend of our's) we went on a cruise to Bermuda. It was surprisingly fun. Scooting about, silly cruise ship activities and more. This year, turning 30, I wanted to go somewhere special and preferably out of the country. I didn't manage to save up quite enough for what I'd planned so we decided French Canada was about as foreign as we could get and still be within driving distance. I managed to find a cheap rental car (renting in Jersey City is a fraction of the price of renting in Manhattan!) and a great apartment through airbnb (I highly recommend one of Guillaume's apartments if you're ever planning a trip to Montreal) and off we went. Highlights of the trip include driving through the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and stopping in Saratoga Springs to go to the National Historical Park, amazing food at Au Pied de Cochon the night before my actual birthday (not to discount the brunch at Le Gros Jambon and the obligatory gorge fest on poutine at La Banquise, hikes to enjoy the fall foliage in Parc du Mont-Royal and treks through old Montreal and the Plateau, going to the top of the Olympic Stadium and then seeing the Chinese Lantern Festival at the botanical garden and exploring the Quebec countryside and Lake Champlain on our way home. Montreal was an absolutely wonderful city and we have every intention of going back.

The view from Mont Royal

Let's have a bit of a photo dump, shall we?

Roadside attractions! Forever and always.

The foliage at the battlefield was upstate NY at it's finest.

Notre-Dame Basilica

Phone booths everywhere!

We go see the sights even in the rain. (The park is obscured up there)

Well hello, best cheesecake I've ever had at Au Pied du Cochon.


Don't be fooled by that cute face, the Mont Royal squirrels will take a bitch DOWN.

Poutine! And bearded hubs.

Botanical Park foliage totally won.

The lantern festival was completely worth it.

The view from the Olympic Tower. We walked there from the Mile End...

Raunch everywhere!

Oh hi! That's me. Being a tourist in old Montreal. As one must, of course.

In the Marche Jean-Talon, you can park your dog.

Of course we HAD to pig out on treats from the patisserie around the corner.

Late afternoon lunch in Burlington, VT on the way home. Gorgeous...


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