Travelogues: Arizona Adventure Time to Sedona and Montezuma's Castle

posted on: Monday, November 26, 2012

Because to the right is the only place there's a scenic view... Ooookay.

While we were down in Arizona, my darling in-laws (yes, I'm actually lucky enough to have wonderful in-laws!) took us on a little adventure to the northern mountains of Arizona. We stayed a night in Flagstaff, enjoying the beautiful Arizona sunset as we drove, and ate at the most delicious Mexican restaurant whose name I've forgotten. The next morning we woke up bright and early for a breakfast at the Galaxy Diner, a hilarious diner on Route 66 that pays homage to 50s nostalgia. After our meal, we drove south, stopping to take in the view from the north end of Oak Creek Canyon. We continued our drive through the Coconino forest, into Sedona.

Route 66 signage
Typical diner fare, but excellent service!

I had never been to Sedona before, although of course I've seen loads of photos. So beautiful! The town itself was entertaining, I'm really not sure what to make of it, but the surrounding countryside... Wow. Absolutely awe inspiring. I can see why it's considered such a magical and spiritual place.

Always into signage...
Perfect timing for the fall colors

After a few hours exploring Sedona we continued our journey back to the valley, with a quick stop to see Montezuma's Castle. One of my goals each trip to Arizona is to see one archaeological spot and these cliff dwellings definitely fulfilled that goal. Very interesting and well worth the couple of hours we spent exploring. I'm lucky my mother-in-law is also a bit of a history buff and totally game for this sort of experience.

And of course I took loads of photos. Next trip to Arizona might have to include a photo essay on the sunsets, just sayin'.

Hot air balloons somewhere, maybe Mesa?


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