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posted on: Saturday, February 23, 2013

I got back late last night from a quick trip with my close friend to DC to catch the Ai Weiwei exhibition "According to What?" at the Hirshhorn before it closed. We had a really great time, even if we were only in the city for 24 hours (literally!). We had some great food (color me impressed, DC), some serious laughs, saw some great art and we didn't let the inclement weather (snow and sleet? seriously?) get in the way of our exploring.

I left work early so we could at least go out to dinner and drinks rather than our original plan of leaving around 6ish and not having any time to do anything fun. Tila's boyfriend's little brother came to meet us and took us to a great pub for dinner and then to the Big Hunt, a dive bar with a great beer menu and jukebox. We stayed at the Helix Hotel which was so ridiculous it was awesome. I would totally stay there again.

In case one sign isn't enough...

I kind of love this and I kind of hate it.

I call this piece "morning after beers"
In the morning we walked to the Mall to see the sights (my friend's first trip to DC wouldn't be complete without seeing the major monuments) and to go to the museum. As mentioned above, the weather was less than ideal but whatever, nothing can keep us down!

The Hirshhorn itself was really great! The sculpture garden outside had a great mix of contemporary pieces and classics and the circular design of the building made it super easy to wander around in an unstructured way but still see everything easily. The size of the collection was also perfect. Large enough to have a great variety of pieces (painting, sculptures, installations, etc) but small enough to be a really cohesive collection. The Ai Weiwei exhibition itself was fantastic and completely worth the trip. One of my favorite pieces of the day (that wasn't by Ai Weiwei) was called Ser y Durar, a really great film by a Spanish artists' collective called Democracia. I highly recommend checking it out.


After sightseeing, we headed back to Dupont Circle to get in line for Little Serow. Yes, we waited for an hour at an unmarked door to eat at one of Bon Appetit's faves of 2012. And it was totally worth it, omg. So good.
The line 30 minutes before opening.

This is my best "holy shit, my mouth is burning" face.

After dinner, we hopped in a cab to the Kennedy Center to see the gorgeous northern lights installation that's part of the Nordic Cool festival. So rad! We had 5 minutes to see everything (couldn't miss the bus back to NYC) but we did go inside to see the Viking ship made of men's shirts and to scope out the scene. I really wish I could get down again to really experience the festival but it's not looking like I'll really have time. Oh well, I'm glad I got a quick little view of it. Overall, it was a great trip. Way too short but totally worth it. Can't wait to go on another adventure!


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