Over the weekend...

posted on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We had a friend over for dinner which involved loads of laughs, a bottle or two of wine and "Strictly Ballroom". There was painting in the kitchen (can't wait to share befores and afters) and a trip to Hoboken to see Owen. Last but not least, Sunday afternoon we went for a walk through the Village, stopping at 16 Handles for some yogurt and Sockerbit to pick up some Swedish candy. In the evening we went on a little date to see the new Studio Ghibli movie "From Up On Poppy Hill" (I loved it, so beautiful and sweet) and to Dokebi for some yummy bibimbap. Over all, it was a good weekend. The cold was a bit half hearted, you can feel winter is finally losing it's grip. Can't wait for warm sun and cool breezes! Here are some shots from our Sunday walk.

(I'm taking a class in two weeks to learn how to use the manual settings on my camera. Can't wait!)


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