posted on: Sunday, March 10, 2013

First thing this morning, even before brunch, we trekked over to the House of Vans in Greenpoint to check out Dennis McNett's "Wolfbat's Arc" installation before it came down. Last night was an epic performance and party (unfortunately I was working and didn't get out in time to catch the last of it...). Those Vans dudes know how to have a great time and their events never disappoint. Dennis McNett's work is a perfect fit for their vibe and he's had pieces in there from day one. His viking ship is a particular favorite of mine. As awesome as seeing the performance would have been, there's something kind of great about seeing the pieces the next morning, after they've been thrashed by revelry and in the harsh light of day. Broken pinatas, plastic babies littering the floor, etc. (90% true, 10% just trying to make myself feel better about missing the party)


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