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posted on: Thursday, April 11, 2013

First off, I managed to somehow get home from work right at the perfect time on Tuesday to catch the sunset. From our street we can see the new world trade center building going up. There's a spot, just a block over, where you can also see the Williamsburg bridge. Nice view...

Then, last night I ran over to Chelsea when I left work to meet a friend at Story in Chelsea to see an artist talk about his vintage and antique cameras and to see the great images he captures with them. A serious thunderstorm was blowing in, so even though I was in a hurry (running late, as always) I paused for a second to snap a photo or two. Are those some ominous looking clouds, or what? By the time we left it had stopped raining but the streets were nice and slick, making those meatpacking district cobblestones particularly picturesque. Such a good night. (this week is really turning out to be pretty awesome!)


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