Laundry day

posted on: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saturday I spent the day in the laundromat. Not the most entertaining way to spend the day (especially after my phone died and I couldn't read or google anymore) but I did take my camera. This particular laundromat is huge and on a beautiful early spring sunday, not particularly busy, just the way I like it.

(Keep an eye on this space, loads of adventures will be had over the next couple of weeks plus some exciting home projects that are nearing completion. Eeep!)


  1. i hated trips to the laundromat.. so thankful to have a washer/dryer in our apartment now.

    1. Uggghhhh so jealous. Trips to the laundromat aren't so bad with a small load and a good book but I'm over it. OVER. IT. A couple of apartments back we had one of those washer/dryer combo machines. It was so convenient so we always used it but damn those suckers tear clothes up.


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