Oh hey Monday, you're not so bad

posted on: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HELLO SPRING!! It's 82 freaking degrees out there. I love it. So happy! This morning I went for my first jog of the season (which I immediately offset by eating a croissant with prosciutto for breakfast and three pieces of cracker crust pizza...). Love it. Everything is blooming, every lady is wearing a skirt and every man is wearing shorts. It's amazing and completely reminds me of the best parts of this city that are so easy to forget when it's neverendingly cold and drab.

Yesterday morning I got off the train at Union Square and walked through the green market and up Broadway to get to work. Ahhhh I'm hungry just thinking about all the amazing food stuffs to be had there. The Union Square market is always rad, but spring, summer and fall? Forget about it...

Relatively recently, Tila and I discovered that we're both super big fans of oyster happy hours. Nothing shocking there, I mean, who isn't? (answer: my husband, my other good friend, my boss, etc) We made plans last week to meet up for dinner Monday night but spur of the moment, we decided to have our dinner at the John Dory Oyster Bar. A half dozen top quality oysters plus a glass of delicious cava? Sold! After goofing off around the Ace hotel, we took off on a meandering walk to the L train. Along the way, we stopped by the Museum of Sex basement bar. I was totally surprised to discover that they have a stellar cocktail program. Who would have guessed? Lady dates are the best.


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