At home: Over the weekend...

posted on: Monday, April 15, 2013

I spent most of my weekend in my painters smock (I finished painting the top half of that kitchen wall and then I stained and painted those dressers) but I still managed to squeeze in a bit of fun.

Saturday night we went out for dinner at an obnoxiously early time (which is what happens when you skip lunch) so we wandered around most of the late evening, trying to decide what to do. We went from one end of the neighborhood (desserts at an Italian restaurant) to the other end (whiskeys at Noorman's Kil) and then went home and watched Safety Not Guaranteed before falling asleep.

Sunday morning was one of those when we woke up leisurely and didn't stress about what to do or where to go. We got dressed, grabbed a coffee and off we went for a meandering walk in search of breakfast tacos (so hard to find in Brooklyn! It's tragic...). We were both determined to enjoy our morning as I was scheduled to go to work at 6 to pull an overnight shift, and although sometimes that sort of determination backfires, this was one of those times it totally didn't. I'm seriously lucky to have a man who enjoys a good wander as much as I do.

And, I found my breakfast tacos. They weren't exactly what I was looking for but for Brooklyn... Not too bad.

Oh hey, that's me!


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