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posted on: Friday, May 17, 2013

The other day my team at work took a little field trip up to the Met to go see the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition. As far as the exhibit goes... I really don't know. A part of me really liked it and a part of me really hated it. It seemed a bit half-assed even though obviously (I mean, it's the Met) it's not, and like the subject was a bit of a reach. Also, I've just never really been a fun of early UK punk and since it was basically about Vivienne Westwood and SEX and early UK punk... Oh well. I still loved some of the pieces and the recreation of the CBGB's bathroom was entertaining.

Aaaaaaanyway, we were planning to go up to the roof of the Met and enjoy a tasty beverage but OF COURSE it was closed that day. We enjoyed the sun up there for a minute before all scattering and going our separate ways. I chose to take a little walk through the east side paths of Central Park before going on impromptu hang with a friend. So good. SO GOOD! Somehow I've never seen the model boats on the Conservatory Water so that was cool. And the weather was beyond perfect for taking a little break to sit on a rock and people watch. Oh, and to chase a squirrel. What can I say, I'm still traumatized by those Montreal squirrels, gotta get back at their kin...

And now, I'm off to go help my honey kick off his birthday celebration weekend. I did such a good effing job with his birthday gifts, if I do say so myself. Whoohoo!


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