When my folks came to town, day one...

posted on: Thursday, May 2, 2013

So this is what the deal was last week: rush, rush, clean, clean, clean, stress stress oh wow stress and more cleaning!!

So that the weekend could be this: MOMMY!!! DADDY!!!!

Seriously, we threw away about 17 giant garbage bags of stuff (who knew so much could accumulate in a one bedroom apartment??) so that our home would look presentable and so that I could make sure that all the time spent with my parents was ultra quality. And, aside from one minor breakdown (yes, I was that crazy person with tears streaming down my face in a restaurant because trying to figure out where to eat in Midtown on a Sunday is really difficult!!) it was the highest quality of hang time.

The big adventure on the first day was a trip to the Intrepid. We've never gotten around to going and once my parents' bought their plane tickets, I knew that would be the first activity on the list. My dad and his love of planes... We climbed all over the ship, went down into a submarine and caught a glimpse of the space shuttle.


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