When my folks came to town, day two...

posted on: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last Saturday we woke up somewhat early, hopped on the L train and headed into Union Square to go check out the farmers market. My parents live out in the country on what I sometimes refer to as a small ranch, or maybe a farm, or you know, they have animals and a giant garden and do things like make sauerkraut by hand and butcher deer and so I don't really know what to call it. I knew they would both enjoy the market I walk through several times a week and after recently reading an article about the 10 best farmers markets in the country, I knew it was a must see. Let me tell you, the last week of April is definitely a perfect time to go. All the flowers are in full bloom, the early spring produce is out in force and everyone is so happy it's FINALLY spring time that it's a great atmosphere. And even though I walk through Union Square daily (and often shop at the stands still open right at the end), I'd never really explored on a Saturday. Good stuff. Seriously good stuff.

Of course, afterwards, since we were so close I took them up to Madison Square Park to see the Flatiron, the building I work in and Eataly. Such a great morning...

Dad's very first time on the subway!

We brought home three huge bunches of ramps to make for dinner. SO. GOOD.

I could eat these apple cider donuts for days...

From my hometown!

On our way back to Brooklyn, we found Mountain Animation (one of my favorite street performers) doing a set in the subway station.


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