When my folks came to town, day two (later that afternoon...)

posted on: Monday, May 6, 2013

My dad had a list for this trip, a mental list that he would check off. It was pretty hilarious. One of those things was to see the Statue of Liberty. We went back and forth about how to make that happen. Option one, go to Liberty Island. That didn't happen due to the island still being closed. Option two, do the Circle Line tour. That didn't happen because the cost for the Circle Line is about a gazillion dollars for three people. Option three, take the East River Ferry from Williamsburg to Wall Street, then walk over to the Staten Island Ferry. Boom aaaannndddd DONE. We wandered around the Financial District for a bit, looking at the tall buildings juxtaposed with the colonial buildings (especially Pearl Street, that's my favorite!), the New York Stock Exchange (which somehow in almost five years of living here, I'd never seen) and a young skateboarder who's sponsored by Supreme trying to land a pretty sweet trick and a quick swing by the WTC site. My dad was so excited when we finally made it on to the ferry and saw the lovely lady. Good stuff, good times, love my family!


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