Where ballet and street art collide...

posted on: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes I get super down about where and how I live and I think it totally sucks and I imagine how much better my life would be if I'd just move somewhere else (although that starts the debate about where...) and have a completely different sort of life. And then something happens like, oh, I don't know, my friend randomly texts me asking if I want to go see the New York City Ballet's collaboration with Faile after work. Which, by the way, I'd tried to get tickets for but in typical fashion I waited until they were already sold out to try to purchase them.

And I'm like, oh right...

The performance itself was super cool. Four different parts, all totally unique. I think the first piece Red Angels, with it's dramatic red lighting and electric violin, was my favorite. And believe it or not, that was my first time attending the (professional) ballet! And it was great. The artwork in the lobbies and the prayer wheels on the Promenade were seriously stunning. So totally worth it.


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