The Infamous Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

posted on: Friday, June 28, 2013

At long last, I've finally finished sorting through the bazillion photos I took on Saturday at Coney Island. And of course, once I sorted through them I had to sort through a couple of times to narrow down my favorites, and THEN I had to actually edit them. So, at long last, here are my photos from the Mermaid Parade.

Full disclosure, we actually missed the Mermaid Parade itself. Next year, I have every intention of dressing up and being in it but at least this year I actually made it down to Coneyto see the aftermath. First time ever! The parade almost didn't happen this year (thanks, Sandy...) but luckily the organizers managed to pull it off (thanks, Kickstarter...). And the freaks came out! And the boobs! And the glitter! Oh man, the glitter... I really loved all of the costumes and crazy people. So much fun!

Beware! Beyond this point is all the boardwalk fun (and all the NSFW pasties action...)

Opera in the Botanical Garden

posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So, Saturday night around 12:30 am or so, I got a text from one of my closest friends saying something along the lines of "Hey, want to go to this thing with me on Monday? I'll buy the tickets, you bring the food." Since everything she ever asks me to do is awesome (exhibit one, exhibit two, other activities I haven't blogged about such as a recent trip to see Murder Ballad or what about being the inspiration for our trips to the Catskills and to Montreal?) I knew we would have a great time, whatever this activity was going to be. Turns out, what we were going to do was to see the Gotham Chamber Opera perform La hija de Rappaccini on the Cherry Esplanade of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I mean really, how rad is that?! Part of the draw of this unique event was that BBG was allowing attendees to bring food for picnicking. On the way to work I picked up some amazing cherries at the farmer's market and then I went to Eataly and stocked up on amazing cheese, prosciutto, bresaola, bread, strawberries (oh how I love strawberry season). We felt so fancy! Opera! Fancy cheese and meat! Oh my!

Anyway, this was my very very first time ever seeing an opera (and my friend's too!). I'm not sure why but I'd somehow gotten it into my head that I would find it kind of boring. So not the case! I'm sure the amazing setting and chill vibe played a role in my enjoyment of the performance itself, but still, we've agreed that we HAVE to go to the opera again. Good excuse to get dressed up fancy which is always super fun, am I right? Enjoy these shots while I continue sorting through my photos from the Coney Island Mermaid Parade...

A quick thought...

posted on: Thursday, June 20, 2013

This poster I spotted the other day in Williamsburg from The Positive Affect project just fits in so well.

The New York Times had a great article about Bill Nye the Science Guy on Tuesday that I really loved. I mean, what a cool effing dude. Since reading it, I've been spending the afternoon listening to interviews and such while I work. I mean, his comments on Creationism are the ultimate. Love it. I forget sometimes how super freaking awesome science is and how much I love to learn and to think. Although I never ever forget how much I love to read. Perhaps I should incorporate some non-fiction into the mix though... Somewhere buried in the comments on the Bill Nye article, someone posted this quote from Isaac Asimov (another one of my favorites), 'There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge".' It's so vitally important to learn and to think and to be curious and to follow that curiosity and to not be sidetracked by your own arrogance and I need to always remember that. Some of what's been going on in my head on this Thursday afternoon...

Eating Bali style in BK - Selamat Pagi

posted on: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ok, this weekend was just... exhausting. I know, I know, such a negative way to start out a story but really it was. I had two events this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and the Sunday one seemed to never end and I HAVE to buy better shoes, ones made for standing in for hours on end. Congrats to the couple who got married, your wedding was absolutely lovely but DAMN your parents took their sweet ass time leaving. I'm super excited that I'm only scheduled for two more Sunday events this summer. Hooray!

Aaaaanyway, I did manage to fill my weekend with a little tiny bit of fun. Friday night we went for drinks and a movie with another couple, the very very first double date the dear sweet hubby has ever arranged. I'm so proud of him for being so sociable. It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself. They were a lovely couple and the movie (Man of Steel) was rather awesome and the drinks were good (the Grace Kelley at Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint is a serious thing of beauty) and we had a wonderful time. Well done, honey! Saturday was forgettable. Work stuff blah blah blah. And Sunday? Well, Sunday I slept in, knowing the evening's festivities were scheduled to go late (if I'd known how late...) and that I'd need my rest. We finally roused ourselves out and left the house, headed who knew where for brunch. And who knew where is not the name of some hip new ridiculous Williamsburg resto, we really had no destination in mind which is very unusual for my husband. The man likes a plan, what can I say. He needed to take care of some work things and then he needed to call his dad (I did this earlier, BOOM! I win for being more on top of important holidays) so we headed north towards Greenpoint.

I started in on those beets before remembering I wanted to take a photo of the plate... Worth it!

I'm not really sure how but I actually managed to convince Alan that we should try Selamat pagi, a Balinese restaurant in Greenpoint that opened several months ago. I've been wanting to try it for a while but he's not a big fan of south-east Asian cuisine. I'm down to try anything, especially when it's reputed to be spicy, so yeah... I started off with a pickle plate which was super awesome. A bit of curry on the cauliflower, can't go wrong with pickled beets and radishes, tasty greens and that super hot chili pepper. Yuuummmmm. Alan was going to go with the steak and eggs but after seeing the table next to us receive the ayam bumbu (crispy chicken, yellow curry, chilies and spices, seasonal greens, sambal tomat, coconut sambal and rice) he changed his order. I got the nasi goreng (bali style fried rice, prawn crackers, cucumbers and a fried egg) which was fine and tasty and whatnot, but man. I definitely did not win in the best entree contest this time around. Ah well, maybe next time. Either way, it was a super yummy meal on a gorgeous late morning and I'll definitely go back soon.

Maybe it's June showers bring July flowers this year?

posted on: Thursday, June 13, 2013

Such a rainy dreary day today. AGAIN! I keep looking at these photos from our impromptu jaunt to Jones Beach on Sunday. We went with our friends and their baby (who is almost a toddler!) and it was sort of perfect. Sunny and breezy, 80 degrees (too cold to swim but perfect for lazing) and a happy yelling kiddo. This summer needs to be all about the beach. If it ever stops raining, that is...

Super chill Saturday

posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now that the madness of May is over, summer can finally get going. All of this rain has been so crazy but at least it's been keeping the temperatures down which means I haven't had to run the AC. Yay! Seriously, I'm not a fan of air conditioning, especially not a loud window unit that blows sporadically. We bought a gorgeous Restoration Hardware standing fan last summer off Craigslist from this super nice Italian couple in Chelsea but I would really like to have a ceiling fan in our room instead. There's something about a ceiling fan that's just oh so soothing.

Anyway, to celebrate a weekend of no obligations (except for working a wedding on Friday, which really doesn't count) I had the most wonderful lazy day on Saturday! While at work Friday night, my coworker and I had been discussing our plans for the weekend. When she mentioned a day of biking with her friend I immediately invited myself along (yep, I'm rude like that). When it came down to it, we didn't go for a bike ride but we did all meet for brunch and some meandering about Greenpoint and Williamsburg. (Sorry, once again I didn't take my real camera with me. Someday!!) Aaaanyway, we went to this place called Nights and Weekends that I've been wanting to try since they opened a year or two ago. It's owned by the same people as Five Leaves which Alan claims sucks but that's only because it's such a scene and he thinks scene-y hip places suck on pure principle. I've always enjoyed my food there and I've heard good things so I was pretty psyched to try it.

I started off my meal with a Bloody Maria (extra spicy, of course!). It was pretty good, my only complaint is that I like my bloodies with more meat. The horseradish infused tequila is a great idea and I'd love to try just a sip of it without mixers but my personal preference is for all that stuff. Thicker tomato juice and loads of horseradish. I'd order this one again though... After that, we all shared some avocado bread (freaking awesome! nice and tangy and delicious) and house made cheese bread (I'm assuming this was their version of pão de queijowith salted guava butter. Pão de queijo is one of those foods that is ultra dangerous. I could seriously eat myself sick on that business. For my main I decided to pretend to be healthy and ordered the porridge of quinoa and amaranth. Holy crap. Soooooooo good. I definitely highly recommend it. We all agreed that I won for best entree.

So anyway, after an awesome meal we headed up to the Franklin strip to check out the sidewalk sale being thrown by some of the neighborhood shops (In God We Trust, Old Hollywood, The Parlour Brooklyn, Dalaga, etc). I got a great vintage tablecloth and a cool hanging hook thing. I might end up spray painting it as it's a super flashy brass right now but even if I don't, it's still great. Afterward moseying about up there, we moseyed on some more, straight down to Williamsburg to check out the Crest Fest Art Show. So awesome! I'm a big fan of Crest, it's just a few blocks from my apartment so it's definitely my go to hardware store. Those guys are awesome and shopping there is like the ideal small town hardware store. I also LOVE that they do the Crest Fest every year, it's a great part of the Williamsburg arts scene. This year was my first time actually checking it out while the party was ongoing, somehow I've always missed it and have just seen the pieces up around the store afterwards. Can't wait to go next year! Here are just a couple of my favorite pieces, I think there were 281 pieces this year? Yes that is a bicycle chain dog taking a poop. That one was posted up front and center to make everyone chuckle when they walked in the door. Dennis McNett also had a wolfbat ship there, making me bummed yet again that I missed the performance at House of Vans back in March.

Over the weekend...

posted on: Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This one was SUCH a good one. I mean, seriously and for reals. After months of anticipation and preparation, one of my very dear friends got married! And not only did we get to help celebrate such a joyous occasion, we got to help celebrate it in serious style. I mentioned something about this wedding in April when I went to help work on some projects for the weekend. Lauren knows what she's doing in the design department and she seriously managed to achieve that balance between beautifully designed and perfectly welcoming and fun, with a great dj and a great breeze and great guests and a great couple and just all around GREAT! We had a wonderful time and the only regret of the weekend is that we had to rush back to Brooklyn the next morning and couldn't join the morning after brunch.

Of course I took loads of photos of my friends and the decor and such but I think if anyone wants to see all that you should really keep an eye out on the bride's blog. I will show off a few things though. That photo above is a peek of the project I helped out with in April. Those balloons turned out seriously amazing! And in other exciting news, my man took up the excuse and bought himself a gorgeous suit (isn't he such a dapper babe??) and I got myself a new 'do. It was so fun to get dressed up fancy and spend our evening with good friends in a beautiful garden and barn and I'm so truly and sincerely happy for my friends. xo

(Ok, eventually I'll use my real camera again, promise...)

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