Eating Bali style in BK - Selamat Pagi

posted on: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ok, this weekend was just... exhausting. I know, I know, such a negative way to start out a story but really it was. I had two events this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and the Sunday one seemed to never end and I HAVE to buy better shoes, ones made for standing in for hours on end. Congrats to the couple who got married, your wedding was absolutely lovely but DAMN your parents took their sweet ass time leaving. I'm super excited that I'm only scheduled for two more Sunday events this summer. Hooray!

Aaaaanyway, I did manage to fill my weekend with a little tiny bit of fun. Friday night we went for drinks and a movie with another couple, the very very first double date the dear sweet hubby has ever arranged. I'm so proud of him for being so sociable. It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself. They were a lovely couple and the movie (Man of Steel) was rather awesome and the drinks were good (the Grace Kelley at Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint is a serious thing of beauty) and we had a wonderful time. Well done, honey! Saturday was forgettable. Work stuff blah blah blah. And Sunday? Well, Sunday I slept in, knowing the evening's festivities were scheduled to go late (if I'd known how late...) and that I'd need my rest. We finally roused ourselves out and left the house, headed who knew where for brunch. And who knew where is not the name of some hip new ridiculous Williamsburg resto, we really had no destination in mind which is very unusual for my husband. The man likes a plan, what can I say. He needed to take care of some work things and then he needed to call his dad (I did this earlier, BOOM! I win for being more on top of important holidays) so we headed north towards Greenpoint.

I started in on those beets before remembering I wanted to take a photo of the plate... Worth it!

I'm not really sure how but I actually managed to convince Alan that we should try Selamat pagi, a Balinese restaurant in Greenpoint that opened several months ago. I've been wanting to try it for a while but he's not a big fan of south-east Asian cuisine. I'm down to try anything, especially when it's reputed to be spicy, so yeah... I started off with a pickle plate which was super awesome. A bit of curry on the cauliflower, can't go wrong with pickled beets and radishes, tasty greens and that super hot chili pepper. Yuuummmmm. Alan was going to go with the steak and eggs but after seeing the table next to us receive the ayam bumbu (crispy chicken, yellow curry, chilies and spices, seasonal greens, sambal tomat, coconut sambal and rice) he changed his order. I got the nasi goreng (bali style fried rice, prawn crackers, cucumbers and a fried egg) which was fine and tasty and whatnot, but man. I definitely did not win in the best entree contest this time around. Ah well, maybe next time. Either way, it was a super yummy meal on a gorgeous late morning and I'll definitely go back soon.


  1. Wow, all that food looks incredible! I feel your pain with long weddings. I often reach the point where I just want to throw good manners out of the window and run away back home! ;)

    1. OH MY GOD it was so good. I'm seriously considering going back again this weekend except there are so many other places to try! Total conundrum. And yes, I'm the hospitality person for the venue so I have to smile all night but some nights I can feel it turning into a bit more of a grimace. Ha.


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