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posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now that the madness of May is over, summer can finally get going. All of this rain has been so crazy but at least it's been keeping the temperatures down which means I haven't had to run the AC. Yay! Seriously, I'm not a fan of air conditioning, especially not a loud window unit that blows sporadically. We bought a gorgeous Restoration Hardware standing fan last summer off Craigslist from this super nice Italian couple in Chelsea but I would really like to have a ceiling fan in our room instead. There's something about a ceiling fan that's just oh so soothing.

Anyway, to celebrate a weekend of no obligations (except for working a wedding on Friday, which really doesn't count) I had the most wonderful lazy day on Saturday! While at work Friday night, my coworker and I had been discussing our plans for the weekend. When she mentioned a day of biking with her friend I immediately invited myself along (yep, I'm rude like that). When it came down to it, we didn't go for a bike ride but we did all meet for brunch and some meandering about Greenpoint and Williamsburg. (Sorry, once again I didn't take my real camera with me. Someday!!) Aaaanyway, we went to this place called Nights and Weekends that I've been wanting to try since they opened a year or two ago. It's owned by the same people as Five Leaves which Alan claims sucks but that's only because it's such a scene and he thinks scene-y hip places suck on pure principle. I've always enjoyed my food there and I've heard good things so I was pretty psyched to try it.

I started off my meal with a Bloody Maria (extra spicy, of course!). It was pretty good, my only complaint is that I like my bloodies with more meat. The horseradish infused tequila is a great idea and I'd love to try just a sip of it without mixers but my personal preference is for all that stuff. Thicker tomato juice and loads of horseradish. I'd order this one again though... After that, we all shared some avocado bread (freaking awesome! nice and tangy and delicious) and house made cheese bread (I'm assuming this was their version of pão de queijowith salted guava butter. Pão de queijo is one of those foods that is ultra dangerous. I could seriously eat myself sick on that business. For my main I decided to pretend to be healthy and ordered the porridge of quinoa and amaranth. Holy crap. Soooooooo good. I definitely highly recommend it. We all agreed that I won for best entree.

So anyway, after an awesome meal we headed up to the Franklin strip to check out the sidewalk sale being thrown by some of the neighborhood shops (In God We Trust, Old Hollywood, The Parlour Brooklyn, Dalaga, etc). I got a great vintage tablecloth and a cool hanging hook thing. I might end up spray painting it as it's a super flashy brass right now but even if I don't, it's still great. Afterward moseying about up there, we moseyed on some more, straight down to Williamsburg to check out the Crest Fest Art Show. So awesome! I'm a big fan of Crest, it's just a few blocks from my apartment so it's definitely my go to hardware store. Those guys are awesome and shopping there is like the ideal small town hardware store. I also LOVE that they do the Crest Fest every year, it's a great part of the Williamsburg arts scene. This year was my first time actually checking it out while the party was ongoing, somehow I've always missed it and have just seen the pieces up around the store afterwards. Can't wait to go next year! Here are just a couple of my favorite pieces, I think there were 281 pieces this year? Yes that is a bicycle chain dog taking a poop. That one was posted up front and center to make everyone chuckle when they walked in the door. Dennis McNett also had a wolfbat ship there, making me bummed yet again that I missed the performance at House of Vans back in March.


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