After work...

posted on: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day three of the new gig down and while my head is spinning and I'm totally exhausted, it's already so worth it. One of the really nice things already is getting to explore the Meatpacking District a bit more and the West Village. Today I grabbed lunch at a great little place called Bonsignour (evidently it's where Amy Sedaris used to sell her cupcakes? Although I didn't know that until I just googled it...). I had the two salads, one of green lentils and one of beets, and then I sat in the sun at a little table on a cobblestone street. Super nice, friends, super nice.

After work I went for a bit of a walk instead of just rushing home. Needless to say, this neighborhood is beyond photogenic.

On eating all the vegetables and a bit of burlesque...

posted on: Sunday, July 21, 2013

I had the nicest little impromptu hang with my friend/coworker yesterday! (She's a super talented artist who has an events chalkboard business to which I'd totally link if she had her website up... hint hint...) It was rather impromptu and since I set off thinking it was too hot/too bright/too whatever to take my camera, I only have photos from my sad little iPhone 4. Sorry! (not really sorry, sorry) Aaaaanyway, I had a crazy week food-wise. Tuesday was our FOUR YEAR wedding anniversary (whhaaaa...?!? It's been that long?!) so we took advantage of a gift card some customer gave my husband and went to Outback Steakhouse. It was what it was, mediocre food but tasty steak and silly stupid fun. And then, on Friday my amazing coworkers threw a little party to wish me farewell. They hooked it up with the sweets: birthday cake balls from Momofuku Milk Bar, s'mores pie and cherry pie from Butter & Scotch and cupcakes from Prohibition Bakery. Of course I ate one of everything. And then I worked a wedding with one of my favorite caterers, Betty Brooklyn. So yes, I ate a LOT and to make up for it I'd been determined to do a bit of a juice fast on Saturday.

However, I'm a sucker for brunch. I really truly am, especially when it involves a social hang with a friend/coworker on a nice day before we'll have to go work a wedding. Since I was (somewhat) sticking to my guns she suggested Angelica Kitchen, a raw vegan restaurant that's been around for ages. SO GOOD! As you can see below, we went all out and it was awesome. Afterwards we wandered over to the Union Square greenmarket (I bought purple carrots, loads of fruit and some amazing lamb sausage from one of my favorite vendors whose name I can't remember) before splitting off to prepare for work.

I was working a wedding all evening (great crowd, really sweet and funny couple) but across the street at 501 Union, Gowanus Arts was putting on a Summer at 501 performance featuring Company XIV. I caught a moment of their incredible set (seriously, everyone's minds were BLOWN) and wish I'd seen it all. I posted a little video on Instagram (find me at ohmanda or click the link up top) if you want to catch a snippet of the music. They'll be performing several Sundays coming up at the Slipper Room so as soon as we get back from the beach today husband is going to be buying us tickets.

This past Sunday...

posted on: Friday, July 19, 2013

When you've been working mad over time trying to finish a load of projects on your last week at a job, it's totally ok to write about Sunday on Friday, right? But seriously, I've been mad busy. I'm not one of those people to just bail on something, especially a job I've enjoyed for two years where I've been lucky enough to work with (and for!) great people so yeah... It's been hectic. Can't wait to start my new gig on Monday! I haven't had time for first day jitters yet but I know I'll be a wreck on Sunday.

Sunday was such a wonderful day! I'll let you in on a little trick... If you want to see a movie on the biggest IMAX screen in New York City but don't want to pay a wad of money, you can go to a 9:00 am show and pay matinee prices aaannnddd have an assigned seat. Still rather expensive but more along the lines of a normal movie out in NYC. We went to see Pacific Rim (SO AWESOME) with some friends early in the morning and then to brunch at the Smith (yummmm). When we got off the train, we found ourselves in the middle of the NYC triathlon. Very inspiring to stick with my couch-to-10k plan!

Afterwards, we all went our separate ways. Darling hubby and I wandered across Central Park to the food court at the Plaza for a macaron ice cream sandwich from Francois Payard (not worth it but super pretty!) and some window gazing. It was hot so we caught the train back to Brooklyn. We decided to get off at Bedford and mosey our way back to our place, getting held up in the Feast of the Giglio for a minute.

We spent our evening lazing about and napping and I woke up with a mad craving for some shrimp and yummy summer tomatoes, so we hopped on the L to the Whole Foods at Union Square. Literally 10 minutes when we catch the train ok! I had forgotten that there was a rally/remembrance for Trayvon Martin going on. So crazy sometimes to live here and accidentally find yourself in the middle of something that is probably a huge deal on the news.

Can't wait for this next Sunday! Full on chill mode...

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