Independence Day

posted on: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let me just start off by saying that the last week or so has been kind of crazy. All rather spur of the moment, I interviewed for a new full time job that seems to be exactly the sort of the thing I have been thinking about as a possible next step. And BOOM! like that, I accepted an offer and put in my notice at my current job (very very bittersweet). So crazy but that's kind of how the best things happen, right? When you're not even looking (or at least, not looking very hard...). As you can imagine, that combined with working a couple of weddings and bbqs and holiday weekend activities and such has meant that I've been busy. So I'm finally getting a little something up about the fourth of July. Just under a week later!

The fourth of July has always been my very very favorite holiday. I like fireworks (who doesn't!) and bbqs and I like celebrations and I have a little streak of patriotism that I don't often show. I love history and it's a holiday that's alllllllll about celebrating our country's history. As for my own personal history, I have some really great memories of things like riding horses with my dad from our house to our cousin's a few years in a row (man, that was really great) or of chasing little kids around at Roddy Tree Ranch with sparklers when I was a teenager or of quietly watching the fireworks with whoever stopped by our old place in Greenpoint. My other favorite thing about the fourth is that it's always chill. There's not the pressure to HAVE to be with your family like there is on Thanksgiving or Christmas (although being with family is fun!) and you don't have to buy gifts. It doesn't get ignored or forgotten like some of the other national holidays. It's just great, all around.

This year was probably the ultimate in chill. Such a nice day. My darling husband and I had both stayed out waaayyyyy too late the night before (post wedding hangs with my coworkers are sort of the best) so after sleeping in, we drove over to Bed Stuy to grab some kolaches at the Brooklyn Kolache Company. I had one with sausage with jalapeno and cheese and one with pimento cheese. So delicious as always, although sorry guys, your kolaches will never be as good as the ones I picked up at the bakery in Caldwell when I was in college...

Afterwards we took a nap before meeting up with one of my favorite lady friends and heading over to a friend's roof for some hot dogs and beers. We stayed there for a bit and then the three of us went to a different friend's apartment for a really great rooftop party and to watch the fireworks. A wonderful time was had by all but damn it, next year they really need to have the fireworks on the East River. I mean, really...

New goal for next year! Learn how to photograph fireworks...


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