Over the weekend...

posted on: Monday, July 15, 2013

If I'm being completely honest, Saturday was just one of those days that's super nice but completely and totally uneventful. Everyone involved bailed on some plans so I had the day open to do whatever I wanted and it turned out, doing whatever I wanted really just involved kind of wandering around and looking around and not much else. I went for a jog, I went for a swim in the McCarren pool, I went to artists & fleas to purchase a new case for my phone, I went to pick up my bike... Just chill little errands, hanging out around Williamsburg all by myself. Sometimes you just need that quality alone time, know what I mean?

Lemon curd and graham cracker. YUM.

Hope you found a miracle, bud.

That tousled platinum head there belongs to Kate Lanphear.

For so many years this was a boarded up shell of a defunct construction site! Not anymore...


  1. pretty tiles at the empenada place.

    1. Aren't those tiles gorgeous? I'd somehow never noticed them. Looks like they were made by Faile who I wrote about here: http://www.easylittletiger.com/2013/05/where-ballet-and-street-art-collide.html and I'm super into it.


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