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posted on: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ok, here's the thing. I really love food. Like, a lot. It's kind of a problem. I really like to try new stuff (new thing I tried this weekend: escargot. Yum!) and I almost always order something different at our usual haunts, unless I'm really craving something in particular. I've also somewhat recently decided that beer is gross and fancy cocktails are the jam. So, here are some silly iphone shots of some yummy things I ate and drank over the weekend. Yes, Thursday counts...

So, first off there was the incredible cocktail I had at Donna in Williamsburg on Thursday. One of my lady friends and I had a short little hang out after I got off work and she took me to this place. We both ordered the same thing and it was so worth it. The drink was called Strawberry Sky and was made with tequila, strawberry, cilantro, serrano pepper, lime juice and agave nectar. SO. GOOD. And of course, we had to get a couple of tacos from Brooklyn Taco to go with it. Yeah, I enjoyed that so much I forced the hubby to go back with me on Friday.

Friday I took advantage of a summer Friday without an afternoon wedding and took myself out to lunch at Coffee Shop on Union Square. I got the soft shell crab wrap with fries (what's up awesome!) but it's too bad my waitress completely ignored me because it was totally messy and I needed more napkins. But the food was yummy! But the service sucked! So whatever, mixed bag, I'm on the fence and not in a hurry to go back but I won't rule it out completely.

Last of the tasty bites that I managed to snap was on Saturday when we went to brunch at Lodge, one of our favorites in Williamsburg. This breakfast sandwich was seriously slammin'. A fried egg, cilantro-cashew pesto, bacon and fried okra.

Ok, now I'm starving.


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