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posted on: Sunday, August 18, 2013

So, here's a little something real quick while I finish going through the photos from our trip home to Texas. (I took well over a thousand photos which means I need to sort through and discard the bad ones and the duplicates, and then once I've done that I have to sort through to see which ones can go here and which ones are for family only, and then I have to send to family, and then I have to sort through a few more times and really edit down to the ones that absolutely HAVE to go here - this is actually the step I'm working on right now - and then I have to spruce those photos up and write copy and you know... It just takes a while y'all.) Our flight Tuesday night got in around midnight so I've been wiped and lazy. Taking my sweet ass time, know what I mean?

Anyway, that being said... This morning my husband decided to be ultra sweet and suggested going into the city to have brunch at Peels, on him! Yeah! Not turning that offer down! After we both went for our respective runs and took our showers and grabbed our coffees and a snack because Sunday brunch at Peels is always a lengthy wait, we hopped on the L and walked down to Joey Ramone Place and the Bowery. We put our names in (hubs got flirted with a little - thanks to the host for the tiny ego boost!) and went for a walk around the block. Around the corner at 2nd Ave I saw an open gate down an alley that sparked my interest.

As it turns out, we had stumbled on the New York Marble Cemetery, one of New York's oldest cemeteries. I definitely recommend reading the history of the place as it was super interesting and if you're ever in NYC on one of the rare occasions when it's open go check it out! So lovely and quiet. I could have hung out for a while longer but as it was we arrived back at the restaurant just in time to hear the hostess call out of our names. And then we stuffed our faces. The end.


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