Hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach

posted on: Friday, August 30, 2013

Last week one of my all time faves was in town from ATL. We'd made a firm agreement to hang out all day Saturday and sure enough, around 8:30 am (!!) I received a text from her to start planning the day. She'd told me a day or two before of some potential plans to go hit the beach, which of course I'm always down to do. We dillied and we dallied about and finally some lovely friends picked us up and we headed out to Rockaway Beach.

This trip was a bit more successful than my last trip there with the hubs. We went to the 86th Street beach to grab a snack at Rippers before hitting the sand. Last time we'd tried the 106th Street beach, which is still being restored post-Sandy. The weather was a bit cool for me to do much swimming (I'm sorry! I'm from Texas! If it's under 90, it's too cold to hit the water!) but it was PERFECT for lounging on the beach all day long. Yeah! Good day, for sure.


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