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posted on: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh wow, how is already Wednesday? I mean, really, the last three days just flew by. I've finished packing for a little jaunt down to Texas and once the hubs finishes packing I'll be forcing myself to fall asleep. 6:30 am flight... Yeah... It's going to be a crazy weekend, lots of family coming from all over and it is HOT. Triple digit temperatures await. After the last couple of days of not-really-summer anymore I've already started to mentally and emotionally get into fall mode. Too many sweaters at work!

Sunday morning was so super lazy. We woke up late maybe, I don't even remember now, and decided to go out for breakfast with no destination in mind. Usually this sort of lack of a plan ends in disaster for us, but somehow, this last weekend was completely the exception to the rule! So there we were just sort of aimlessly wandering around the neighborhood, stopping to take photos of each other with street art and sipping coffee while trying to decide where to eat. We ended up at some random place on Bedford Ave (horrible food but excellent service - go figure) and after, we moseyed our way over to the park. It was the perfect day for a chilled out people watching session, breezy sunny weather and a super mellow vibe. Too bad we don't have some of that mellow vibe right now. Going away is very stressful in this household... These photos aren't anything fancy, just little remembrances of a super chill, nice day.


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