Rainy day.

posted on: Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today was so dreary looking, I sort of forgot it was summer. Seriously. But the new 'hood is so picturesque when it's rainy out. I had to clear out of my office for a minute and luckily, this time I thought to grab my bag. Even more lucky, I grabbed my camera this morning before I left the house. And check this out, to make matters even better, I actually had an umbrella to protect my lens (and my bangs) from the rain. What whhaaaaattttt. Today I also discovered that the seedy looking joint on the corner that I thought was just a whatever corner store is actually a really great little classic NYC diner with the best (and cheapest) split pea soup. I know where I'll be grabbing my lunch all winter.

The High Line is just a step or two away, so I decided to go for a quick little stroll on the section between the Whitney construction site and the 14th street entrance. Not much of a stroll, but when I came back to the office my head was clear. Boom! Tomorrow's Friday and guess who isn't working a single wedding this weekend...


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