Can I have a moment?

posted on: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just one little minute to whine. While I was wrapping up my day at work in chilly NYC, my husband was doing this:

Yeah, that's one serious nerd at the Star Wars exhibit at Disney World. Way to rub my face in all your fun, honey.

But don't feel too bad for me just yet. I'm going down Friday after work to spend the weekend. And yes, he's already promised we'll be going back to Disney.

Hazy lazy Sunday

posted on: Sunday, September 22, 2013

I slept in so super late today. Last night was one of those nights... I worked a wedding that started off with "wow, this is such a nice wedding! This caterer is so good there's nothing for us to do!" and somehow, around 11pm, it became a complete mess. I mean, the wedding itself was great all the way through but torrential downpours mean that not a car can be found (seriously, check out the screenshot I posted on Instagram - 34 calls to one car service before I finally actually got through to someone) and when elderly people and drunk people and brides and grooms need to leave... Well, if they can't get a car and they can't walk through the rain (no umbrellas to be found anywhere either) then they can't leave which means I can't leave which means the night never ends. Luckily, the dj played some great tunes and the bride and groom were so incredibly nice and fun to chat with, so it wasn't all bad.

That being said, I got home late and woke up with aching legs and an aching throat and forced myself to go back to sleep a couple of times. We didn't do a whole lot today but it's ok. We ate some tasty food (a newish taqueria that was actually pretty decent - too bad it was empty!) and went for a long rambling walk (I bought some sunglasses along the way) and that's really about it. LAZY.

So here are some photos I took a while back. A few blocks away there's an old hospital complex called the Greenpoint Hospital. It's been decades since it was used as a hospital. Several of the buildings have been converted to other uses but one, the old nurses' residence, is still abandoned and supremely creepy. In the summer sunset light it was kind of lovely but as we get closer and closer to October the creepy factor gets higher. Interesting place!

And then of course, on that same day as we walked up to McCarren Park area, there was this:

Sunday on the island, FĂȘte Paradiso and some dang good art...

posted on: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Early in the summer, Alan had an idea for a pretty awesome date to go to a vintage carnival he'd heard about somewhere. He got super excited and we were all set to go and then...The catch! 

The carnival, FĂȘte Paradiso, was set up on Governors Island. The only other time we'd been over there was a few years back. A food truck festival was taking place that ended up being a bit of a disaster. I mean... Wow... After that experience we've both been a bit leery of going back. So, we dillied and we dallied and before you knew it, the summer was essentially over and we still hadn't been. There have been a ton of art events going on all summer as well so this past Sunday I insisted and insisted and off we went. Worth the trip, y'all!

Any trip to Governors Island requires a ferry ride. We got off to a good start when I finally spotted the stained glass watertower in DUMBO. Seriously, I've been looking for that piece for a year! For some reason I always thought it was south of the Brooklyn bridge. Nope! It's north of the Manhattan bridge. Lovely...

We wandered all over, through the rides and into the buildings. Check it out, loads of photos after the break!

On the waterfront

posted on: Thursday, September 12, 2013

A few weeks ago we had a really lovely Sunday. We met some friends for a slow and easy late lunch/early dinner at La Esquina. After we'd eaten our food and had some tasty beverages, we went for a leisurely walk along the waterfront. Up near Greenpoint, we went down this alley we'd all (and by we all, I mean the ladies in the group) had been curious about. I'd gone down there ages ago back when Autumn Bowl, a super cool private skate park, had still been around. But that was a long time ago and things change. The light was real nice and we found a sweet little chill spot, perfect for looking at the city and skipping some rocks.

Not too bad for a Sunday evening, if you ask me. Especially not when topped off with a slurpee from 7-11 (my first in eons). 

Brimfield treasure hunt

posted on: Monday, September 9, 2013

I've always enjoyed going on treasure hunts, thrifting and the like. One of my favorites back home in Texas was this great little flea that was in a shed (literally, a ratty old shed!) but they always had the most random little awesome things. Naturally, I've been wanting to go to Brimfield for ages. Timing has never really aligned and such but this time, one of my friends and I managed to get it together and go. She's from northeast Connecticut, a half hour or so from Brimfield Massachusetts, so we agreed to just take a weekend away from jobs and husbands and go have a relaxing couple of days amongst the trees and fields and cows for the last market of the year. Can't wait to go again next year in May! It's so on.

How rad is this chair?? And scope out that detail below...

This box... Oh how I wanted this box... That looks like malachite but it's actually some insanely gorgeous glass created by the Tiffany glass studios. If the archives department from TCO had been there, they would have snatched that piece up with glee. I would have brought it home but sadly I didn't have an extra grand in my pocket. Maybe next time? And how about that chair right below?! My friend brought that home. Don't worry, that fabric is absolutely gonna go. Can't wait to see what she ends up doing with it!

And here are the treasures I brought home. Tiny steamer trunk to surprise my husband. He's been wanting one for ages but they're all so huge and expensive and too often a bit nasty, not to mention that we don't really have space for one. So when I saw this little piece I couldn't resist. That little metal table is crying out for some paint. And then a couple little knick knacks that were just begging to come home with me.

Labor Day at the Renaissance Faire

posted on: Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh man... Last summer all Alan wanted to do was to go to the Renaissance Faire. I knew there was a decent one in New York state but somehow we just never got around to it. But this year? This year was a totally different story! We went! Oh yes we did! And it did not disappoint, not even a little bit. We went with some good friends and all the basics were covered: mead was drunk, turkey legs were eaten, jousting was watched. Done and done. See you next year! (Oh, and maybe next year I'll dress up...)

What did we see right away when we first walked in? A great little parade of some of the local characters, advertising a bunch of the shops (where sorry to say, we did not buy anything although I did try on a leather corset!). Last weekend was theme weekend, still bummed to have missed steampunk day but barbarian day was HILARIOUS. Obviously...

Sunday breakfast at Hi-Collar

posted on: Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm about to do something I don't necessarily love to do (posting mediocre iPhone photos...) but this place was too good to keep to myself. I had made reservations for us to go to fancy breakfast this weekend at the Gramercy Terrace but life just sort of got in the way. You know, as sometimes happens. To make up for it, my honey promised he'd be a good sport on Sunday and go anywhere I wanted. I spent the day wracking my brain, trying to come up with something special, when a friend posted a photo of some amazing looking pancakes from a place called Hi-Collar in the East Village. Dilemma solved...

Despite the L train being wonky, we managed to get into the city and even though the place was packed (all 10-12 seats of it...) the gal working made some room for us. We both ordered iced coffee to drink. I totally loved that they served it in a moscow mule mug with a doily coaster. For food we split a tamago with cucumber sandwich (so good!) and a super tasty order of pancakes. I'd never had Japanese style pancakes, definitely way different than the oatmeal pancakes my mom made me, but super yum.

Let me tell you, this place was the jam. Super chill, super cute, super great service. See that up there? That's me being super happy about delicious food. I was way happier than I look... This guy wrote a pretty interesting post about the place. My two cents: it was straight up awesome. Definitely a place to go on a lazy day when you don't mind taking an hour or two for breakfast and reading a book or having a nice chat with your companion. I'll be going back. 

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