Hazy lazy Sunday

posted on: Sunday, September 22, 2013

I slept in so super late today. Last night was one of those nights... I worked a wedding that started off with "wow, this is such a nice wedding! This caterer is so good there's nothing for us to do!" and somehow, around 11pm, it became a complete mess. I mean, the wedding itself was great all the way through but torrential downpours mean that not a car can be found (seriously, check out the screenshot I posted on Instagram - 34 calls to one car service before I finally actually got through to someone) and when elderly people and drunk people and brides and grooms need to leave... Well, if they can't get a car and they can't walk through the rain (no umbrellas to be found anywhere either) then they can't leave which means I can't leave which means the night never ends. Luckily, the dj played some great tunes and the bride and groom were so incredibly nice and fun to chat with, so it wasn't all bad.

That being said, I got home late and woke up with aching legs and an aching throat and forced myself to go back to sleep a couple of times. We didn't do a whole lot today but it's ok. We ate some tasty food (a newish taqueria that was actually pretty decent - too bad it was empty!) and went for a long rambling walk (I bought some sunglasses along the way) and that's really about it. LAZY.

So here are some photos I took a while back. A few blocks away there's an old hospital complex called the Greenpoint Hospital. It's been decades since it was used as a hospital. Several of the buildings have been converted to other uses but one, the old nurses' residence, is still abandoned and supremely creepy. In the summer sunset light it was kind of lovely but as we get closer and closer to October the creepy factor gets higher. Interesting place!

And then of course, on that same day as we walked up to McCarren Park area, there was this:


  1. Lazy Sundays can make everything better. I like to think that when you spend a day doing absolutely nothing, you are accomplishing the best thing of all- rest which is best for the mind + soul. More lazy days, please! - Court | lovecourtxoxo.com


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