Labor Day at the Renaissance Faire

posted on: Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh man... Last summer all Alan wanted to do was to go to the Renaissance Faire. I knew there was a decent one in New York state but somehow we just never got around to it. But this year? This year was a totally different story! We went! Oh yes we did! And it did not disappoint, not even a little bit. We went with some good friends and all the basics were covered: mead was drunk, turkey legs were eaten, jousting was watched. Done and done. See you next year! (Oh, and maybe next year I'll dress up...)

What did we see right away when we first walked in? A great little parade of some of the local characters, advertising a bunch of the shops (where sorry to say, we did not buy anything although I did try on a leather corset!). Last weekend was theme weekend, still bummed to have missed steampunk day but barbarian day was HILARIOUS. Obviously...

Oh man, it's been a while since I spent any time surrounded by serious LARPers and I'd forgotten how raunchy every joke is that comes out of their mouths. So many dirty jokes, songs, etc. The pickle vendors were pretty obvious.

He tried to challenge me but little did he know, I took archery as a p.e. credit in college and actually (kind of...) know what I'm doing. BOOM! Smoked 'im.

Mead is kind of gross. Checked it off the list and done.

This guy was AWESOME! He was kind of enough to pose with my friend so I could take a couple shots with my "clicky thing" (never broke character, well done sir. I wonder if he's like a math teacher or a fed ex driver or a banker or something in his day to day...) and he tried to say hi to our friends' baby. Only time all day the sweet kid cried. It was hilarious, I'm an awful "aunt".

Renaissance games... Although didn't tomatoes come from the new world? I don't know how historically accurate this game was but it was definitely entertaining.

The hubs and his friend on a romantic dudes' only paddle boat ride. Circling the dragon cautiously...

These gals sounded super sweet from far away but once you got close enough to understand the words... Dirty! Wenches of the village...

FYI - my turkey leg was disgusting. Crossed that off the list too.

Barbarian games! I had planned to post a lot more photos from this but when I got home they were all blurry. Guess I was laughing too hard to focus.

And the joust!! A village parade (so good), a bit of entertainment and then the main event. That's we were all really there for, right? Totally did not disappoint.

See you next year renaissance faire! And see you next year summer. Pretty great way to bid farewell.
(Also, so glad my internet finally cooperated and let me post this photos. Hard to get anything achieved when nothing will load!!! Gahhh!!!!!! Just look at this, you'll understand what I'm talking about...)


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