Sunday breakfast at Hi-Collar

posted on: Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm about to do something I don't necessarily love to do (posting mediocre iPhone photos...) but this place was too good to keep to myself. I had made reservations for us to go to fancy breakfast this weekend at the Gramercy Terrace but life just sort of got in the way. You know, as sometimes happens. To make up for it, my honey promised he'd be a good sport on Sunday and go anywhere I wanted. I spent the day wracking my brain, trying to come up with something special, when a friend posted a photo of some amazing looking pancakes from a place called Hi-Collar in the East Village. Dilemma solved...

Despite the L train being wonky, we managed to get into the city and even though the place was packed (all 10-12 seats of it...) the gal working made some room for us. We both ordered iced coffee to drink. I totally loved that they served it in a moscow mule mug with a doily coaster. For food we split a tamago with cucumber sandwich (so good!) and a super tasty order of pancakes. I'd never had Japanese style pancakes, definitely way different than the oatmeal pancakes my mom made me, but super yum.

Let me tell you, this place was the jam. Super chill, super cute, super great service. See that up there? That's me being super happy about delicious food. I was way happier than I look... This guy wrote a pretty interesting post about the place. My two cents: it was straight up awesome. Definitely a place to go on a lazy day when you don't mind taking an hour or two for breakfast and reading a book or having a nice chat with your companion. I'll be going back. 


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