Sunday morning beaming down

posted on: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

As I mentioned before, I worked a wedding on Saturday. It was actually super fun but so very long. Like usual, after working that late I slept in quite a while on Sunday. Once we both finally woke up we decided to take a leisurely walk to Cafe Colette, a sweet little cafe with excellent food, that we always say we're going to go to but never actually do. Except this time! 

Of course I took a number of photos as we went. That's basically what a leisurely walk is for, right? Williamsburg isn't the prettiest sometimes, but Sunday it sure did look nice, didn't it?

Oh hi friend!

This particular condo building in the background goes from blue down to the green in the photo down to brown. Alan calls it the earth building. It's ugly. Sorry developer... (Not sorry, it's really hideous)

A little hot pot

posted on: Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm fully embracing being lazy today but just to pass the time, I thought I'd post some photos from yesterday. A dear friend from college was in town, basically for a minute. Between my busy schedule and the brevity of her stay, we had a hard time getting together. Yesterday I knew I had to bite the bullet and just make it happen. So, off I went to meet her, her husband and a friend in Queens. From there we continued on and went to Flushing to Little Sheep, a Mongolian hot pot spot. I've been meaning to go out to Flushing for a little culinary adventure but somehow I just never find the time to make the trek. This trip was QUICK, seeing as how i had to be at a wedding at 3, but so worth it. Such a tasty spot! I only took a couple of photographs before digging in. So good. SO GOOD! Can't wait to go back. Oh, and somehow I managed to be only slightly late to work. I'm still not sure how I pulled that one off.

This stellar spread was just the beginning - I don't even know what all those balls of meat were plus the giant bowl of perfect veggies. I'm drooling just thinking about it all.

Day trips from NYC: Apple picking in the Catskills

posted on: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the checklist for my birthday this year was to go hiking amongst the fall foliage, go apple picking or do both in the same day. Guess what! We kind of managed to do that! Turns out some dear friends, their baby and baby's grandma were going apple picking last Sunday and invited us along. Thanks guys! Hiking was really only involved because the orchard was on the side of a hill and we pretty much traversed the entire dang place. This is what happens when you go on the last weekend of the season and red delicious are about the only ones left.

Although they do make for a pretty photograph, right?


Anyway, it was pretty awesome. The leaves were gorgeous (check!). The drive through country roads smelled amazing (check!). And we got to spend some serious quality time with some good friends (check!). Hanging out with these particular friends at my birthday is a serious tradition since big papa and I share a birthdate. Although he's older. Take that, dude! No key lime pie this year but wowwww, apples taste amazing straight off the tree. Next year, we'll find the mutsus.

This guy spent years working in a produce department so juggling apples is sort of his specialty.

Literally, we were almost gone and I yelled "Are you flipping kidding me?!" and busted out the camera. Hello picturesque!

And now, how the hell am I going to eat an entire peck of apples before they go bad? I'm thinking a batch of crock pot apple butter might be in order but I'm open to suggestions!

The Cloisters

posted on: Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last Sunday, on Erin's last day in town, we were exhausted. The weekend had been 4 nights of going out, 2 group dinners, 3 intense days of being a tourist, 1 wedding and at least a couple of museums. The last item on the itinerary was a trip up to the Cloisters to meet the grooms and some of their friends. Kind of in the complete opposite direction of JFK airport, but all good.

I hadn't been up there in a long while. One of Alan's friends came down from Maine for the weekend a few years ago. His little brother was living nearby so we all decided some medieval art would be cool. Plus, it's gorgeous. We went out to lunch, moseyed around the park and up to the museum, moseyed around the other side of the park and finally made our way back to the car. Only to find that the car keys had fallen off his carabiner... Yeah... We'd only had our car a few months and had been lazy about getting copies made. Trust me, after a 2 hour train ride back to Greenpoint hoping we had a spare, a 2 hour train ride back to get the car and then the drive home, there was no way I'd be getting him back. It's one of the misadventures we've had while living in New York that's guaranteed to make him super angsty.

So, when Erin's friends said they wanted to go up there, I was super stoked to go again. We had really good luck with trains last weekend so the trek up there wasn't near as painful as I'd expected. And sure enough, it was beautiful. My previous trip was during the spring time so it was lovely to see the park and Jersey across the Hudson in the beginning of fall splendour. And of course, as always, the hunt for the unicorn tapestries were awe inspiring.

Pretty damn good way to end a great trip to the east coast.

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