A little hot pot

posted on: Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm fully embracing being lazy today but just to pass the time, I thought I'd post some photos from yesterday. A dear friend from college was in town, basically for a minute. Between my busy schedule and the brevity of her stay, we had a hard time getting together. Yesterday I knew I had to bite the bullet and just make it happen. So, off I went to meet her, her husband and a friend in Queens. From there we continued on and went to Flushing to Little Sheep, a Mongolian hot pot spot. I've been meaning to go out to Flushing for a little culinary adventure but somehow I just never find the time to make the trek. This trip was QUICK, seeing as how i had to be at a wedding at 3, but so worth it. Such a tasty spot! I only took a couple of photographs before digging in. So good. SO GOOD! Can't wait to go back. Oh, and somehow I managed to be only slightly late to work. I'm still not sure how I pulled that one off.

This stellar spread was just the beginning - I don't even know what all those balls of meat were plus the giant bowl of perfect veggies. I'm drooling just thinking about it all.


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