A quick trip down to Florida

posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh hey there! Last week ended up getting crazy and I just never got around to this space over here. It happens, you know. And then, this past weekend I spent some time with a friend and her gorgeous little new baby and some time with my husband, all of it away from a computer. Welcome change!

So anyway, the week before last I sent Alan down to his old hometown of Orlando for a few days of solid hang time with one of his best pals. Friday evening, I hauled butt out of work and hopped on a plane to join for the weekend. Good times were had, oh yes indeed!

Saturday morning we tried to go to to Disney to go to the food and wine festival at Epcot. So exciting! I have never been to Disney before and with the in laws' move to Arizona, the likelihood of us going anytime soon decreased significantly. Good thing our friends live 10 minutes away! Whoohoo! Except... well, I'm just going to say it didn't quite work out and neither did plan b. Ah well. Next time?

So instead we ate some fried food and drank some beers and shot the shit, so to speak. No big loss! Especially after we met up with some friends later who said the lines were the long and the portions tiny. After lunch, we drove into Orlando itself for Alan to have some flashback time - a drive to Spring Lake, the spot where he proposed and then into Winter Park for a little wandering around. We hit up this super sweet spot in Winter Park called the Imperial, an imports store during the day and a classy wine and beer joint in the evening.

And then we went to downtown Orlando. A few stops around town for old times sake and a couple rounds of photobooth pics at Bar BQ Bar because really, you just have to.

Sunday morning the puppy was the only one not really feeling like crap but she thoroughly embraced the chilled out mood. Of course we had to get some bbq at Sonny's.

And last but most definitely not least... I finally saw a gator!! Four trips down to Florida and this is the first! So creepy. This place was super cool! Next time we go down I really want to check out the tour. I mean, monster truck tires... YES! We also heard a funny story about a guy who went skinny dipping in this pond, during alligator mating season. Somehow, miraculously he survived? Well done, sir!

And then, it was time to go home. Too bad, so sad, but at least I have the evidence of a well-spent weekend. Thanks guys! Can't wait for next time!


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