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posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oh, well, hello there!

So, yesterday was kind of a big day (except that it totally wasn't at all) but I was definitely really busy. I had a birthday yesterday, but one of those that just isn't really that big a deal. No major life achievement awards to be passed out, no historic milestones, so on and so forth. But I had a nice time, starting with a fancy breakfast with my seriously awesome boss and ending with a round of photobooth shots with the man of my dreams. And I've been promised outdoorsy fun and I gave myself a weekend without weddings. Pretty great, if I say so myself.

This time last week was not so chill. Oh no indeed. This time last week my best friend was in town and we were deep within a night of showing her the best cocktails in New York City. After that sort of adventure, you can bet we slept in a bit... Yeah, on a Thursday! Remember the aforementioned seriously awesome boss? She was kind enough to let me take a day to gallivant about with my bff instead of sit at my desk. Score!! 

Our day started off in Williamsburg - bagels and vintage shopping and such. Pretty typical. Then we headed across the bridge (although I'd planned to bike we decided that being lazy and cabbing it was more our speed) and spent the entire afternoon wandering in and out of art galleries and wonderful boutiques in the Lower East Side. Sooooooo New York, you know... Oh, and then there was the Banksy piece. That was kind of sort of a little awesome...

One of Erin's goals for the trip was to hit up the COS pop up at Opening Ceremony. Along the way we went through the outer edges of Chinatown and Little Italy then up to Balthazar for coffee and a pastry. Along the way we got distracted by a line of people outside a random door. Turns out, it was a BLK DNM sample sale! Score! Erin got to really experience the New York life and I experienced that quintessential sample sale experience of changing clothes in a giant room full of men and women. Awesome jeans for cheap, y'all! I ended up scoring a super sweet moto jacket in a gorgeous black brocade. Loooove it. Long story short, turns out the COS pop up party was taking place that night and we're just not cool enough to be on that list. Ah well, maybe next time...  



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