Sunday morning beaming down

posted on: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

As I mentioned before, I worked a wedding on Saturday. It was actually super fun but so very long. Like usual, after working that late I slept in quite a while on Sunday. Once we both finally woke up we decided to take a leisurely walk to Cafe Colette, a sweet little cafe with excellent food, that we always say we're going to go to but never actually do. Except this time! 

Of course I took a number of photos as we went. That's basically what a leisurely walk is for, right? Williamsburg isn't the prettiest sometimes, but Sunday it sure did look nice, didn't it?

Oh hi friend!

This particular condo building in the background goes from blue down to the green in the photo down to brown. Alan calls it the earth building. It's ugly. Sorry developer... (Not sorry, it's really hideous)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! (Boston terriers really are the best!!) Looks like some pretty neat places you came across on your walk. I really like the photo of the "Textiles" window. Seems so old world. =)

    1. Love love love hand painted lettering. And that store is RAD, it's all vintage textiles, rugs and blankets and such. You would looooove it.


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