The Cloisters

posted on: Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last Sunday, on Erin's last day in town, we were exhausted. The weekend had been 4 nights of going out, 2 group dinners, 3 intense days of being a tourist, 1 wedding and at least a couple of museums. The last item on the itinerary was a trip up to the Cloisters to meet the grooms and some of their friends. Kind of in the complete opposite direction of JFK airport, but all good.

I hadn't been up there in a long while. One of Alan's friends came down from Maine for the weekend a few years ago. His little brother was living nearby so we all decided some medieval art would be cool. Plus, it's gorgeous. We went out to lunch, moseyed around the park and up to the museum, moseyed around the other side of the park and finally made our way back to the car. Only to find that the car keys had fallen off his carabiner... Yeah... We'd only had our car a few months and had been lazy about getting copies made. Trust me, after a 2 hour train ride back to Greenpoint hoping we had a spare, a 2 hour train ride back to get the car and then the drive home, there was no way I'd be getting him back. It's one of the misadventures we've had while living in New York that's guaranteed to make him super angsty.

So, when Erin's friends said they wanted to go up there, I was super stoked to go again. We had really good luck with trains last weekend so the trek up there wasn't near as painful as I'd expected. And sure enough, it was beautiful. My previous trip was during the spring time so it was lovely to see the park and Jersey across the Hudson in the beginning of fall splendour. And of course, as always, the hunt for the unicorn tapestries were awe inspiring.

Pretty damn good way to end a great trip to the east coast.


  1. I agree. What a great way to end the trip. Great photos.

  2. Beautiful photos + a beautiful view! Thanks for sharing! - Court |


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