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posted on: Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hi! Remember me? This week was chockfull of working my little butt off (I promise I'm not complaining - as stressful as it gets, it's actually kind of fun), hanging out with some awesome ladies and packing frantically. Because... We're in Arizona! Whoohoo! Getting away from work gave me some major anxiety but now we're here, I'm on my 3rd snack of the morning and 4th hour of girl chat with my mother in law and life is GOOD. Except it's raining. In the Sonoran desert. Kind of weird, but whatever, it's all good. I think I see blue sky somewhere way off!

So, to fill the time until I get to go on a hike and take some amazing photos (because this is Arizona and everything looks RAD), I wanted to tell you all about the nicest little date we had last Sunday. We woke up to the dreariest day, all fog and drizzle and cold. We'd promised each other we'd go see Thor (very important obviously, and actually surprisingly good!). We're lucky enough to have a car so we bundled up and squeezed in to our little clunker and drove off to Astoria for brunch and to hit the movie theater over there that makes us feel like we're in the suburbs.

I've been wanting to try this place Queen's Kickshaw for a while and was really excited about the sweet potato wrapped vegetarian scotch eggs I saw on their menu online. Unfortunately, those weren't on the menu and I panicked a bit. I don't cope well with choice in food! Should've seen me at Angelica Kitchen the other day, that menu is majorly anxiety inducing for someone who just can't choose. So I ordered the french toast. It was bonkers! Brioche, hard cider pear compote and chili cheese crisp. Bonkers, straight up bonkers. It was spicy and sweet and rich. I couldn't finish it. I'm not sure I'd order it again but it was worth trying. The coffee was good, the place was cute, so on and so forth. Would I go back? Not for a special trip but if we wanted to go to the movies over there, sure.


posted on: Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello friends, I'm taking this week off... The weekend was short and quiet, this week has been dedicated to friends and relaxing in equal measures in those few moments here and there that I don't spend at work. I'm pooped and uninspired and letting my brain take a break. I'll be back next week with some photos of fun and stuff. A little trivia: that was actually the original name of this blog, way back two years ago.

Here's some stuff to enjoy for a minute:

These photos are so beautiful. There are so many implications to this article that could start a huge debate but the photos themselves are gorgeous.

We're having a Christmas Eve party since we'll be staying in Brooklyn and these jello shots will definitely be on the menu.

How beautiful does Jessica Chastain look in this Theyskens Theory dress??

My friend Lauren was featured on Country Living! Way to go, lady!

In other awesome stuff happening, the venue where I spend my Saturdays was included in a list of best NYC alternative wedding venues. So proud of the Green Building.

I HAVE to get my oven fixed soon so I can make this pumpkin mac and cheese. My tummy needs it, especially now that it's cold.

Blissed out chill.

posted on: Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just a few months ago I started a new job (pretty sure I've mentioned this a couple of times...) and went into it knowing my boss had some personal stuff going on that would cause me to be in a leadership position for a little while. Well, that time came earlier than expected and this week has been bonkers. BONKERS! So here it is, Saturday afternoon, I'm running late to get ready to go work another wedding and editing photos and typing this up as fast as possible before I leave. But it's ok because I'm ALSO watching "Don't trust the B..." so I'm super entertained. Yay! Although I'm devastated it was cancelled. Thanks network...

In addition to watching the marathon, we walked all over Greenpoint and Williamsburg on Sunday. It was a pretty chill day, no particular destination, no particular plan, so on and so forth. It was fun! And that autumn light I've commented on a couple of time...? Yeah, it was great. And the fall foliage! Oh my goodness! Hello gorgeous. So, enjoy some photos of my neighborhood, my husband aaannndddd ME:

This is not the best photo I've ever taken but it may be my favorite of all times. MID AIR SQUIRREL!!

Marathon Sunday

posted on: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sooooo, guess what this last Sunday was? The New York City Marathon!! Of course, last year it didn't happen (damn you Sandy) but every other year I've lived here, I've gone to watch and cheer for strangers for a bit. Super fun! Just like every other year, I totally cried (I can't help it, sports make me cry) and I yelled and I insisted to every one around me that NEXT YEAR I'm going to train for a marathon. We'll see if that happens...

Anyway, I was going to write this whole essay about how inspiring I find people who have the will to train for and run a marathon, so on a so forth, but I think instead I'll just dump a whole load of photos. Enjoy!

Somebody's dad stopped for a quick hello. So sweet!

This gal ran up to smooch the guy next to me, blushed and carried on.

And you know what? These may have been the slow ones and the stragglers but they kept on keeping on! And I find that just straight up awesome. 

And there we go, that's what it all comes down to: RUN BITCHES

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