Marathon Sunday

posted on: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sooooo, guess what this last Sunday was? The New York City Marathon!! Of course, last year it didn't happen (damn you Sandy) but every other year I've lived here, I've gone to watch and cheer for strangers for a bit. Super fun! Just like every other year, I totally cried (I can't help it, sports make me cry) and I yelled and I insisted to every one around me that NEXT YEAR I'm going to train for a marathon. We'll see if that happens...

Anyway, I was going to write this whole essay about how inspiring I find people who have the will to train for and run a marathon, so on a so forth, but I think instead I'll just dump a whole load of photos. Enjoy!

Somebody's dad stopped for a quick hello. So sweet!

This gal ran up to smooch the guy next to me, blushed and carried on.

And you know what? These may have been the slow ones and the stragglers but they kept on keeping on! And I find that just straight up awesome. 

And there we go, that's what it all comes down to: RUN BITCHES


  1. I'm right there with you- people who run marathons are really inspiring! And that sign that says "Worst parade ever" is so funny!

  2. We ran into the marathon in williamsburg and I couldn't stop watching! It was my first one and I totally got teary too

    1. It's so good!! Like I said above, I'd never seen the pack running down Bedford past McCarren. Sooooo cool looking.

  3. i love your photography skill!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*


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