Introspective (re: this blog) and Retrospective (re: Mike Kelley at PS1)

posted on: Saturday, December 21, 2013

I've been SUCH a slacker this month, it's sort of ridiculous. I meant to just take a few weeks off and somehow it turned into a bit more. But you know what? This post right here is a bit monumental. This is post ONE HUNDRED. That's a lot. And even more, in just a few weeks this blog will be two years old. That requires some deep thinking and some heart and soul and I've been thinking a lot about that, when I've had a moment to slow down or when I'm walking to the train or something of the sort. What's my plan? What's my goal? How is this project going to grow? I have some ideas but I need to really sit down and focus all my attention on it. Blogging is a labor of love and you can't let it get stale or become a chore. Otherwise, what's the point? So that's what I'll be doing these next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled because if I get my act together like I plan to, hopefully things will get exciting. Or at least somewhat entertaining. And maybe there'll be more focus, more dedication, maybe I'll even learn how to use photoshop for real.

So, that being said, it's been a busy few weeks, cram packed with holiday parties, friends and family in town, art, fun, sleep, fighting off colds, etc. The first weekend of the month, my dear old friend Kevin came to town. Kevin and I have been friends for ages now, we met in 2003 while volunteering for SXSW back when SXSW was indubitably and inarguably awesome and volunteers were treated the same as the douchebags who pay nearly a grand for their badges. Those were the days… Anyway, we totally clicked and have been buds ever since, even though we've never lived in the same state (he's been mostly in the Detroit area while I've been in Texas and NYC). Last September it had been a few years since we hung out so he drove over from Michigan to visit Alan and I for a weekend. Alan had his reservations (he'd never met this dude, after all…) but turns out, they get along super well! Yay!! A new yearly tradition was born.

So this year, Kevin came in December and it was bitterly cold (although not to a boy from the Midwest) but we still trekked to PS1 to catch the Mike Kelley retrospective. Which was AWESOME. I'm of course a big fan of contemporary art and of weird collage style works and weird video installations and just basically all the type of art that Mike Kelley did and PS1 is just my favorite. It was cool. Like, real cool. I only took a few photos, you know, just to prove I was there. But honestly, I was way too thrilled with all the art to even be interested in pulling out my camera. LOVED IT.

And afterwards, we were able to eat some awesome food at M. Wells Diette. Now that we're in our 30s, our adventures revolve around food instead of drinking, especially since Kevin attended culinary school a few years ago. It's kind of great… Vegetarians, look away. We ordered foie gras and duck terrine and beef tartare. And it was awesome. YUM. Those Quebecois really do know what's up when it comes to food… Sidenote: I'm an asshole and tagged this dish on instagram as vegan and got so many likes. Hilarious…

Travelogues: Ghost towns and mountain lakes in Arizona's Superstition Mountains

posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Between a friend in town over the weekend (photos to come in a few days!) and not one but two utterly FABULOUS lady dates last week (seriously, if you live in or visit New York, go have a fancy pants cocktail at Angel's Share in the East Village - you won't regret it though your wallet might) I've just been focusing on other things. You know, those life things that you don't really bring a camera along for or sit down and write about. But it's ok because here I am again! Hi!

So anyway, while we were in Arizona we did a take a day for a bit of touristing. The in-laws live about an hour's drive or so from the Superstition Mountains and having those mountains so close is awful tempting. Our goals that particular day: a real deal ghost town, a beautiful reservoir in the Superstition wilderness in the Tonto National Forest called Canyon Lake and a burger lunch at Tortilla Flat.

First off, the ghost town. You can find the details of Goldfield's history here but for those too lazy, here's a little summary. For five years in the 1890s it was a booming mining town. And then, as happens, the gold ran out and the town was abandoned. In the 1920s someone else tried to revive the town which didn't last long. And then, in the 80s it became the booming and actually pretty awesome tourist attraction that it is now. Cool right?? Check it out.

Afterwards we drove through the windiest road, up into the mountains, to check out the lake. Gorgeous. I mean, really… And look! A shot of Alan and I together. Impressive, right? I know… After admiring the beauty, we drove around the lake and down the mountain to get lunch at Tortilla Flat. My burger could have used a few more slices of green but otherwise it was pretty bomb. Yum!

Travelogues: Arizona relaxin' to the max

posted on: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hi there! Hi, yeah, hello, it's me. 'Sup yo. We've started this new thing in which we don't bring computers with us when we travel, it's really rather nice and convenient. And with an iPad and two iPhones, who really needs one? Except for that whole downloading photos off a memory card, editing them and posting them on ye olde bloggity blog. But really, when your mission is to get hang time to the max with family, do you honestly need to be editing and posting and whatnot? No, not so much.

So we were really smart about how we travelled down to Arizona to see the in laws this year for the holiday. We left Friday night before Thanksgiving and travelled back Friday after Thanksgiving. Just so you know, tickets are at least a couple hundred cheaper plus the airports are empty. Makes for quick check ins and relatively little hassle plus you still get a solid week to hang. Into it.

We were greeted by rain and wind and cold. I know, who knew it rained in the Sonoran Desert? Since the weather wasn't exactly conducive to our usual bike rides and exploring we hung out around the house drinking coffee in the morning and wine in the evening, explored the little town nearby and just hung out trying to decompress.

I may have taken about 30 photos of this from a few different angles...

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