Travelogues: Arizona relaxin' to the max

posted on: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hi there! Hi, yeah, hello, it's me. 'Sup yo. We've started this new thing in which we don't bring computers with us when we travel, it's really rather nice and convenient. And with an iPad and two iPhones, who really needs one? Except for that whole downloading photos off a memory card, editing them and posting them on ye olde bloggity blog. But really, when your mission is to get hang time to the max with family, do you honestly need to be editing and posting and whatnot? No, not so much.

So we were really smart about how we travelled down to Arizona to see the in laws this year for the holiday. We left Friday night before Thanksgiving and travelled back Friday after Thanksgiving. Just so you know, tickets are at least a couple hundred cheaper plus the airports are empty. Makes for quick check ins and relatively little hassle plus you still get a solid week to hang. Into it.

We were greeted by rain and wind and cold. I know, who knew it rained in the Sonoran Desert? Since the weather wasn't exactly conducive to our usual bike rides and exploring we hung out around the house drinking coffee in the morning and wine in the evening, explored the little town nearby and just hung out trying to decompress.

I may have taken about 30 photos of this from a few different angles...


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