At home: Time to say hello.

posted on: Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello to the new year! My blogging break lasted a bit longer than I originally intended but when the holidays are on and it's colder than a witch's… well, you know what… Let's just say it makes me lazy. But all good. Yesterday I woke up, like most of the northeast, to find a whole bucket of snow had fallen. Thanks Hercules! It was bitterly cold (still is! I'm not leaving my house if I can avoid it) but oh so gorgeous. I snapped a few photos before heading into work, late office openings allow that sort of time.

The snow was banked up high in the window sills. Always adds that little bit of magic to the whole thing. And yes, even after five winters in NY I still find snow totally fascinating!

The snow was so high in the backyard. And completely undisturbed! Still is too...

Snow even banked up in the narrow space between our building and the neighbors'. Blizzards...

And our poor little car, buried deep… Sure am glad I didn't have to dig that out. Sorry Alan...

And well, it's basically required in the first post of a new year to talk a little about the goals I plan to achieve for the next year. I could write paragraph upon paragraph but really it can be summed up like this: No more half assing it, bring on all the awesome. It's going to be a good one, I can FEEL it.

I have some old stuff I want to share, a little bit of December that still needs to be seen, a few stories to write out. And then after that? Well, we'll just see what happens. Onward and upward!


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