Travelogues: Celebrating Mom's birthday in Texas

posted on: Sunday, March 30, 2014

Boot Hill, just a few miles down the road. I tried to make friends with a donkey but she wasn't having it.

We spent the middle of March back home, down south in the Texas Hill Country. Pretty great place to spend a weekend in March. No, we didn't go for SXSW like everyone else heading down to Texas from NYC was doing that very same weekend. Instead, we went to my parents' home to hang out, see family and celebrate my dear sweet mama's birthday. Here's a confession: Mom's birthday has always fallen during SXSW and for my younger, more music obsessed self this was a timing problem. My mom is super cool so she never gave me crap about going to SX instead of celebrating her birthday on the day. So that, combined with never managing to get down there at the right time since I moved to NYC, means I haven't celebrated my mom's birthday with her in.. hmm… maybe 12 years or so? I know! I'm an AWFUL child.

Big brother chef taking care of business.

All made by my mom. The woman is a culinary bad ass.

Anyway, this one was a big one. 70. It's so crazy to think my parents are officially both in their 70s. Lots of thoughts going through my mind these days, it's really a head trip and quite an awakening. Time goes by so fast, you know. It's not just something people say, it's a real deal fact. Gotta get all the family time in that you can. We have a bit of a tradition of throwing these bbqs. Always the same band, pretty much the same cast of characters and this year my big brother and a friend of the family made the food. So good. Oh man, I'm still dreaming about this meal. There was dancing, there was fishing, there was beer drinking. All in all, a really great weekend. I'm not going to lie, every time we go down it's harder and harder to leave…

This may not be the best photo in the bunch and it may be out of focus and poorly composed, but that huge grin on my dad's face while he dances with his gal is so worth sharing. I focused more on hanging out with family and friends so I don't have any photos once the party really got going. Priorities, you know… Also, this barn will be the venue for our vow renewal party. Can't wait to decorate it and totally change the look. CHALLENGE

Photo cred goes to my three year old nephew. Always a cool perspective when you let the little dudes play with the camera.  


  1. Looks like amazingly fun family time!

    1. The best family time... They're pretty great people, if I do say so myself.


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