Walks in NYC: aimless meandering around Williamsburg

posted on: Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ohhh heeeyyyy there.

Oh hi. Hello. 'sup yo.

It's been a rough couple of weeks, y'all, complete with stomach viruses and other assorted woes, not to mention that winter that just kept on hanging on. But yesterday things felt different and I proclaimed "THIS IS GOOD". The sun was out, I left the house with. out. a. scarf. And I actually had a Saturday off, a rare and wonderful thing. I started off with brunch and a walk and a chat that lasted longer than we meant with one of my favorite gals and followed it up with a walk around Williamsburg all by myself.

It's kind of amazing how a rejuvenating a sunny Saturday free of obligations or commitments or work can be. Soul cleansing and so necessary. I'm trying hard to get back into being enthusiastic about music (which reminds me! I need to purchase those Soundgarden/NIN tickets right the eff now). So, my new thing to do after every paycheck is to go to a record store, browse the selections and buy an actual real deal record. One every two weeks. Rough Trade opened up an outpost in Williamsburg (of course they did…) and it's kind of amazing. Seriously, it makes me remember how fun it is to just browse the racks and explore. Super well curated and not so much of a selection that it's overwhelming. Not like Amoeba in LA, where I walked in and walked right back out to collect myself. So big… Anyway, this week's record was going to be the Black Angels but after a random selection at the listening station I chose Warpaint. Good stuff, y'all. And Shannyn Sossamon, my ultimate actress girl crush, was a founding member.

After Rough Trade I moseyed my way home, around the park which was full of sun worshippers and through the streets. I had some time to chill before I needed to be home to meet Alan for date night so I stopped at The Shanty, New York Distilling Company's in-house bar. I had the most delicious cocktail. OMG, seriously. It was a gin gimlet but it was spicy and perfectly composed and just all 'round awesome. I was totally that weirdo drinking by herself at a bar with her nose in her phone. I was reading a book on the kindle app, I promise! Pretty great Saturday afternoon. And to make it even more awesome it was followed up by a truly excellent date with my husband.

Days like this? This is how I'm going to get my jam back. Just you wait, just you watch. XO


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