Day trips from NYC: Nassau County Museum of Art

posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2014

Here's the deal. I love my husband, he's the greatest dude I know and we have a BLAST together. But he's sort of scared of fun, I'm not going to lie. He has a routine and he sticks to it with great fortitude. Me, on the other hand... I've always been a bit more fly by the seat of my pants, scared of routine and commitment. A flake, if you will. The last five years have definitely taught me a lot and I've learned to do things like stick to plans made and to make plans a day in advance instead of an hour in advance. Always a challenge...

One of those routine things is sticking around the city, doing our usual on a weekend. We're the worst! And having our car in less than reliable condition provided the perfect excuse to never get in it and get out. But that's a-changin' as we paid a bucketload of money to get a long list of things fixed and by god, we WILL get out of town for a day trip on the occasional Sunday. It may take forever to get out of the city but once you do, there are so many amazing places to go and they're all so close!

First trek a few weeks ago (yes, I took forever posting these) was to the Nassau County Museum of Art, a cool little museum on the old Frick estate. We saw some art, we walked around, we sat in the grass and laughed at each other and all around had a pretty great time. And guess what! Only a 40 minute drive, give or take, from our house. BOOM! On the way back we just took Northern Boulevard all the way back, through Queens and Flushing. Took forever but we stayed off the freeway so that was cool. And now I'm off on another little day trip... Hello adventure! Let's be friends.


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