Walks in NYC: Across the Williamsburg Bridge

posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Something happened, y'all. A few days ago it was straight up end of spring/almost summer. And then... While reading before falling asleep and listening to the rain, I heard that rain turn to ice. I kid you not. Ice and snow. And ever since, the last few days have been cold. COLD. I've worn my winter coat! Right after lamenting the fact that it got hot so fast that I had just a couple days of transitional weather in which to wear my leather jacket. Guess that's what I get?

Anyway, I'm keeping myself from getting too terribly bummed about this cold snap by looking at these photos from our glorious gorgeous spring day last Sunday. We woke up and grabbed a pastry and a coffee for a snack and set off to walk. And walk we did, across the Williamsburg bridge to the Lower East Side. We tried to go to Clinton Street Baking Company but that three hour wait was a big "ahhh hell no!" While wandering loosely in the direction of a Mexican food place I have on my list of places to try we walked by Mission Cantina. I've been meaning to add that joint to my list too and kept forgetting so, you know, it worked out. Pretty decent although I doubt I'll go back, too many places to still to try! We split a burrito and I am so glad. Gigantic, I tell you. Damn. My stomach hurts just thinking about eating one all by myself. Spring and summer Sundays are for winners. Hurry up, gorgeous weather, come back soon!


  1. Wow. Beautiful. I love that little street art with the monster! :] // Carmen ☼

    1. Isn't it so fun?? There's some really clever street art scattered about. I love it.


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