Bike rides: Greenpoint, Newtown Creek and Long Island City

posted on: Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm SO HAPPY that it's finally getting warm. Today it's a solid 81 degrees. Whhhaaaaaattt! Yes. A couple of weeks ago, Record Store Day to be exact, it wasn't quite as warm but it was pretty close. I woke up early and went for a bit of a bike ride, up to Greenpoint and across the creek and around the Long Island City waterfront. On the way back I bumped into the hubs which sparked off a new thing we're trying to do most Saturdays, me biking along while he runs his 6 miles. Good stuff, y'all.

I'm really trying to be healthier, I'm watching what I eat and I'm on the second week of couch to 10k! Yay! The goal is, this year I finish it and am running 6 miles 3-4 days a week by the time the weather starts to get cold and I'm sooooo addicted to working out that I shell out the cash for a gym membership. And then, that I actually go to the gym. New lifestyle, making it happen. Green smoothies are a good start to a day of exercise and stuff, right?

The lines outside the record stores were pretty epic, both at Academy Records and Permanent Records. I didn't ride by Rough Trade but I'll bet it was crazy. I didn't do any record shopping that day but I did buy a record last weekend! Go me?

Newtown Creek is so gross. Superfund site... Yuck. But hey, look, I'm waving at myself! Hey!

I'm into these chill Saturdays, being outside and seeing stuff. I'll try to carry my camera with me more often. This morning would have been a great one, waking up early to walk through the East Village to drop off my broken laptop. Great energy, great start to the day. And then, a bike ride. Exercise is good for you, you know...


  1. My boyfriend and I have a similar Saturday ritual! He runs and I bike around a lake that is at the halfway point between our homes. We call it our weekly "ride/run". Super fun. :) Glad you're enjoying the warmer weather out there!

  2. Love these photos! They make me want to visit NY again. I haven't been in so long! Good luck with running - I just started and it's so hard!! =(


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