Live tunes: The Knife, Shaking the Habitual Tour at Terminal 5

posted on: Saturday, May 3, 2014

I don't even remember the first time I heard the Knife. Maybe my last year at college? I remember being in someone's car and he played the Jose Gonzalez cover of "Heartbeats" and I knew all the words. Anyway, when I was living in Austin in 2006 they came to NYC and SF on the Silent Shout tour. I wanted to go but tickets were sold out, I was poor as dirt and couldn't fly away, so on and so forth. Not even going to lie, that's one of the reasons I decided to move to New York. I wanted to be somewhere I would be able to see all the bands that don't play shows anywhere else. And wouldn't you know, I moved here, stopped listening to music as much (I haaaate headphones) and stopped going to shows unless it was for something truly epic. Oh well. I have seen some great stuff: Refused at Europa in Greenpoint, Murder City Devils at an outdoor riverfront park during the day, Goat, so on and so forth. And now... The Knife. Finally.

Of course I only had my iPhone so my photos aren't the best quality but that's ok. It's hard to take photos of lasers and dancers and just all around bad assness, especially when you're busy shaking your tail feathers. The show was really great, truly amazing, incredible energy, so on and so forth. Worth the trek through the blinding rain (one of NYC's ten rainiest days of all time!) all the way to the west side. My heart is still reeling. Thanks guys.


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